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Very Rev Dr Bede Aboh

Very Rev Dr Bede Aboh is an experienced academic and advisor who serves as the Principal of Academic Affairs at Unitatis Universitas. He holds a JCL (Licentiate in Canon Law) and a PhD, and has several years of experience in academic and ecclesiastical leadership.

As an advisor and principal, Very Rev Dr Bede Aboh is responsible for guiding academic programs, providing guidance to students and faculty, and ensuring that the academic standards of the institution are maintained. His expertise in canon law and theology provides a valuable perspective that contributes to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the institution.

Through his leadership and guidance, Very Rev Dr Bede Aboh helps to promote the mission of Unitatis Universitas, which is to foster unity, peace, and understanding among people of all races, religions, and cultures. He is committed to creating a positive and inclusive academic environment where students can thrive and grow in their intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

Overall, Very Rev Dr Bede Aboh’s expertise and leadership are essential to the success of Unitatis Universitas and its mission.

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