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FAQ for CNA Course

Plus 2 and for those with work experience 10th pass can be considered

Yes, you can. We suggest you do so after six months of work

Yes, you can. We suggest you do so after six months of work

This is dependent on skill set and it can be determined only after successful completion of course and passing of exams.

Tutors placed all over the World

We will consider giving you a second attempt at exam if you have been disciplined and had 99% attendance for classes There will be no refund of course fees.

Yes you will get and please note that there is GST to be paid.

This is dependent on the employer. We will try to get the best deal.

Salary will vary from time to time. At present our resources are paying USD 13 / hour for employees in USA.

For admission to UUS, this is not needed. For employment in UK, this will be needed.

Yes we will help you and there will be additional fees for that. Fees will be dependent on language you are studying.

We expect to place you with an employer and get you visa within 3-6 months of completion of course. We will try to make it faster.

45 years. People of higher age shall be considered on a case to case basis

Yes, people of both sexes can apply

At present, in Chennai, India

Yes, only after payment of admission processing fee

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