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Does a Resume Matter in getting an Interview Appointment?


A resume highlights a candidate’s qualifications and what makes them unique. To stand out among other applicants, one requires a resume highlighting their strengths that match the job requirement. A great resume:

  • Gains the attention of recruiters and employers
  • Sells the most substantial accomplishments and skills
  • Shows how you are a great match for a project or position
  • And most significantly, gets one a job interview!

In other words, one can say that a resume acts as a bridge between a candidate and the prospective recruiter. Thus, one must understand how important a resume is. So, to make that first impression, your resume must stand out from the crowd first.

The Importance of a Great Resume

A particular candidate is selected for a job interview only if they find something interesting in their resume. This is exactly when a well-structured, clean, and precise resume plays its part. Let’s list out the reasons as to why a resume is so essential:

  • Resume reaches an employer’s table much before the candidate does: Yes, before one reaches the employer’s office, the resume does. Generally, all organizations ask for the candidate’s resume first, to go through the work that the candidate has done so far and if it does match their requirement. Half the work of a candidate is done by the resume itself. Thus, it is very much essential to have a concise and well-structured resume to make that first impression.
  • Resume speaks about the candidate: A resume indeed communicates a great deal about the candidate as a professional. It highlights what a candidate has done in the past, what a candidate is doing currently, and where that candidate is heading towards. A piece of paper talks so much about the candidate, including the past, present, and future. Isn’t that amazing? But you must understand that this story of the past, present and future has to be conveyed in an efficient way and very quickly. Thus, this job of telling a short story can be a little tricky. In such a case, one may need help with drafting their resume by professionals.
  • To convince that you are the one: Before an employer selects a candidate for a face-to-face interview, they need to be impressed and convinced with the resume first. Only once a resume is shortlisted, is the candidate selected for a face-to-face interview round.
  • To sell a candidate’s skills: Through a well-written resume, a candidate can sell the skills that they have accumulated over the years. A candidate can let a recruiter know all skills that they have acquired through different jobs and how the candidate is going to utilize them for the improvement of the prospective organization.
  • Quick but lasting first impression: The first impression is the best impression and this saying goes well with the resume too. In the bulk of resumes, if one resume stands out and it gives a feeling that yes, this is the one, then working hard on your resume is worth it.

Structure of a Good Resume

Only a good resume can get a candidate an interview call and for a resume to be a great one, it needs to be well-structured. An organized resume saves a candidate from being rejected. So, whilst writing a resume, one must follow a format to make a lasting impression on the hiring managers. A resume with structures enables employers to find the appropriate information right away and that’s exactly what one needs to aim for.  exactly what one should aim for, as they wouldn’t hold onto your resume for more than a few minutes.

Personal Details:

Under this section, a candidate can write down details that the hiring managers can use to get a basic idea of the candidate and be able to contact the candidate if the resume can make it to the interview round. A candidate should include their name, contact information, e-mail address, and so on. These are the must-have information that one needs to mention under the personal details section in a resume.

Professional Summary

In this section, the candidate can summarize their professional life by highlighting their skills and skills that are important to the job they are applying for. One needs to customize their resume summary by giving all the information while keeping it brief. However, one must ensure to choose the right words to have a strong impression.

Educational Qualifications

This section is to let the employers know about your educational background. Here, you need to mention your school name, location, graduation year, the field of study or major, and the degree acquired. One must start with the highest educational achievement and mention other degrees in reverse chronological order.

Additional Skills

This section illustrates to the hiring managers that the candidate possesses the required skills to excel in the job position that the candidate has applied for. The list of skills mentioned in this section can be a determining factor in getting selected for a job interview. There are different soft and hard skills that you can mention if they match the job description. Likewise, there are some transferable skills that you can include depending on your competency.

Recommendations and References

One needs to pay attention to not include references or recommendations unless a prospective employer has asked to do so. Quality references can certainly help a candidate secure the job. Moreover, one should choose people whom one trusts to testify their abilities and character.


A resume could be your path to finding the right job for you. It is essential that you work hard to make a great resume to get you your dream job.

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