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Achieving a Leading Image

The Achieving a Leading Image® Series are workshops to prepare college students and undergraduates to be ready to enter the workforce. Over 10,000 individuals from diverse industries have participated in them. The training objective is to enhance the brand of the individuals and inculcate the essentials of professionalism. We also strive to enhance self-confidence in all our participants to help achieve personal effectiveness, which is very important in today’s very competitive world.

Having a head start in society and working life is the desire of every aspiring young individual. Here, students will gain a decisive edge in their personal development. The program aims to create self-awareness and develop self-esteem. Besides a positive attitude, professional work standards contribute to the success. To create this professional brand, we cover areas like dressing, grooming, resume writing, interview skills, etiquette, networking, emotional intelligence (EQ) and other interpersonal skills using the Enneagram personality.

This is a dynamic curriculum for the development of a professional brand that will give both men and women an edge in any highly competitive environment The sessions are each specially designed to ensure easy application. They are both interactive and participative. Where applicable, personal assessment tools are utilized, and necessary corrective inputs shared.

Number of Modules :

Duration :

Includes :

6 Online sessions

90 mins per Module

PDF copy of slides

Quiz after each Module

Beauty From The Inside Out eBook

Related videos for extra viewing

EQ and Personality Profiles

Module 1
Professional Image

Our image is about the way we present ourselves and the way people see us. Every one of us wants to project a pleasant and confident image that will be liked by others. Learn what makes a good first impression and how we can develop our own personal brand. Learn to focus on our assets through colours and dress sense, and find ways to project our best so that people will see both our outer and inner beauty.

  • Rules of Ten for a Positive First Impression to Enhance your Personal Brand
  • Putting your Styles together and appropriately
  • Accessorizing and the Finished Look
  • Personal Grooming, Healthcare and Hygiene
  • Deportment and Poise

Module 2
Business & Social Etiquette

Understanding business protocol & good manners, making small talk and building rapport is vital to developing good relationships. Learn techniques to build relationships through better communication, and how non-verbal cues create powerful messages, both positive and negative. Find your confidence to achieve personal effectiveness and to put yourselves out there to develop better connections and friendships.

  • Business Etiquette: Greetings, Introductions, Handshakes and Namecards
  • Techniques to Build Instant Rapport using the NOBLE Model
  • Developing your Non-Verbal Communication to Interact Professionally with others
  • Customer Service Techniques using the CARE and SERVE model

Module 3
Crafting A Winning Resume & Cover Letter

In order to get a foot in the door for your job search, you need to be an effective marketer by learning the art and science of resume and cover letter writing that are customised to the targeted employer. Let your marketing documents come alive with passion and commitment, showcasing your skills, attributes and how you can value-add to “wow” the employer.

  • What is a resume/cover letter and why it is important
  • Look into the substance and form of a resume/cover letter
  • What do recruiters ideally need to see in a resume/cover letter. What are the dos and don’ts?
  • Review of resume and cover letter samples

Module 4
Succeed At Digital & Face-to-face Interviews

Interview skills are critical to landing the job and succeeding in your career. Whether it is your first job interview or your 20th, the job interview often induces nervousness and anxiety. To manage this, understand strategies, learn the process step-by-step and the dos & don’ts to ace one. In today’s context, be prepared for both online and in-person interviews. Experience a practice session and learn to take charge of your next interview.

  • The uses, considerations, different types and formats of interviews
  • Understand what hirers look out for and the process of interviews
  • Key techniques of interviewing and how to create a strong impact
  • Different types of interview questions and how to deal with the challenging and unexpected one

Module 5
EQ For Success

Understand what EQ is and how our thoughts and feelings affect our decisions and behaviours. Learn techniques to manage our emotions better and think resourcefully.

  • Identify Emotions in yourself and others to Understand their value
  • Recognize your unconscious Patterns / Habits and its consequent impact on others
  • How to Manage your Impulses and exercise Self-control
  • Understanding the Choice-Reaction Cycle™
  • Techniques to Handle difficult people / situations with Sensitivity and Tact
    **Includes EQ Competency Profiling Test

Module 6
Self Mastery With The Enneagram

The Enneagram personality system enables us to understand behaviors, and to communicate and work more effectively with each other. As you discover your personality type, you will better understand what motivates you, which are keys to personal development.

  • Understand the Key Features of the Nine Enneagram Types
  • Discover all the 9 Personalities so that we can relate to others with Compassion, Awareness and Understanding
  • Enhance Communication through the Understanding of our Differences
  • Using the Enneagram Profile to identify our Strengths and Limiting Behaviours
  • Learn Strategies for Personal Growth and Development
    **Includes Enneagram Profiling Test

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